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A Blanket for Every Condition

X CEL temporary erosion control blankets are available in three styles, each progressively more durable, to handle a wide range of conditions. Blankets are available with rapid degrading netting, upon request.

Regular R1

Effective, versatile erosion control for stabilized slopes and shallow channels.

Superior S2

Excellent erosion control for moderately steep slopes and channels, and areas with average water velocities.

Super Duty SD3

Exceptional erosion control under severe conditions: steep slopes and channels, and areas with high water volumes and velocities.

Two Different Mats
For Two Different Missions.

X CEL permanent soil stabilization mats are available in two distinct types: Permamat 100 and Permamat 200F. Each Permamat has its own capabilities and applications.

Permamat 100 Ideal for reinforcing root systems on high fill slopes and distribute excessive loads of saturated soils.
Permamat 200F Ideal for heavier work, such as distributing shear stresses and lift forces in channels, and extreme loads on saturated fill slopes.

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