Install Siltsack in catch basin, making sure emptying straps are laid flat, outside of basin and held in place by drain grate

Hold down removal flap pockets and emptying straps by covering with soil.

Properly installed, Siltsack is out of sight and catches silt without the worry of silt fences or straw dams failing


To prepare for emptying Siltsack, remove soil covering removal flap pockets and insert rebar through pockets.

Remove catch basin cover grate.

Remove Siltsack from catch basin by attaching to both bars and lifting with available equipment.

Move filled Siltsack to dumping area and set on ground.

Remove straps from lifting bars.

Insert a lifting bar through both emptying straps

With available equipment, lift Siltsack with emptying straps, which are attached to the bottom of bag.

When raised by emptying straps, bag will turn inside-out and empty Siltsack.

Siltsack is inside-out, empty an ready for reuse or disposal.

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