• Made of lightweight, woven geotextiles with permeable liners that allow
    water flow to dissipate through top, front and both sides.
  • Permeable liners coarse enough to permit reduced water, yet fine
    enough to catch sediments.
  • Bottom liner is impermeable preventing water to flow forcefully downward
    toward ground surface.
  • Allows Hydrants to be Flushed and Checked At Full Flow Rates.
  • Priced Below Similar, Less-Effective Products.
  • Eliminates Need To Re-Direct Water Flow During Flushing.


  • Remove Spout Cap from Hydrant.
  • Slide Royal Flush Hydrant Hood over Hydrant.
  • Align Royal Flush Diffuser Shoot with Opened
    Hydrant Spout.
  • Secure Hood to Hydrant By Tightening Belt
    Around Hydrant Base.
  • Whenever possible, stake down corners using
    stakes through Royal Flush tie-down loops at
    end of Diffuser Shoot (Optional).
  • Slowly Open Hydrant Valve to Flow Level Desired.

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