• Streambank and Shoreline Stabilization
  • Landfill Slopes and Channels
  • Wrapped-Face Slopes
  • Coastal Protection
  • Inland Waterways

PYRAMATä permanent erosion and reinforcement matrix ( PERM) is a precise, highly engineered product processing the optimal qualities for "geobotanical reinforcement". Unparalleled strength and dimensional stability in an open, three-dimensional geotextile designed to nurture and reinforce vegetation makes PYRAMATä the ultimate "new generation" erosion control matrix.

PYRAMATä erosion matrix provides many times the strength of popular Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) and Erosion Control Revegetation Mats (ECRMs) currently available. The tensile properties of PYRAMATä even exceed those of many conventional, two-dimensional geotextiles and geogrids. Moreover, the strength of PYRAMATä erosion matrix is distributed over three dimensions!

Direct shear and pullout testing has demonstrated that PYRAMATä erosion matrix has very high coefficient of friction with soils. A high interface shearing resistance makes PYRAMATä erosion matrix an ideal material to stabilize coast lines, embankments and landfill caps. Once emerging roots of the developing vegetation reach the zone of reinforcement, the resulting "revegetation platform" will provide increased slope stability and erosion control on critical sites



Wide width tensile testing of PYRAMATä Reinforcement Matrix



The abrasion resistant, resilient PYRAMATä structure also provides maximum resistance to construction and maintenance induced stresses. Field surveys have demonstrated that low strength mattings may sustain mechanical damage and rutting from passes of maintenance (mowing), emergency, service and recreational vehicles.

Powerful PYRAMATä reinforcement matrix provides greater tensile properties than an AASHTO M288, high survivability woven separation geotextile, insuring protection from both anticipated and unanticipated abuse.

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