Petrotac® is a unique "peel and stick" waterproofing membrane for repair of pavement cracks and joints, and for sealing bridge decks. Petrotac keeps moisture from penetrating the roadway section, preventing the damaging effects of water infiltration. Petrotac pavement repair membranes are installed easily without any specialized equipment.


Prevents moisture infiltration Moisture can enter a pavement through cracks and pores, ultimately causing a loss in pavement strength. Petrotac membranes seal cracks and joints, reducing the damaging effects of moisture penetration.

Reduces reflective cracking Petrotac membranes will span roadway cracks, substantially reducing reflective cracking. Monitored field installations on high volume roadways demonstrate that Petrotac-reinforced pavements exhibit 'derably less cracking in the long term.

Easy to install Petrotac peel and stick membrane can be installed quickly by a two-person crew. No special equipment is necessary.

Excellent bonding to overlay The top surface of Petrotac is precoated with asphalt cement tack coat, which ensures an excellent bond with the pavement overlay.

Multipurpose Petrotac adhesive will stick readily to asphalt, concrete, and wood surfaces. Petrotac membranes have been proved effective in repairing pavement cracks, potholes, and other localized distress areas, and in sealing joints in pavements and bridge decks.

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