The Petraflex cabled erosion control revetment system has been proven in the laboratory and the field as a technical and economical improvement over traditional forms of erosion control. By virtue of their large unit mass and longitudinal and lateral corrosion resistant cables Petraflex mattresses provide an easily constructed, durable, flexible, and permeable erosion protection system.The Petraflex system was developed to provide a superior armored surface for long term erosion control. Petraflex mattresses are placed on geotextile fabric which provides permeability through the revetment system. The interlocking units and two way corrosion resistant cables allow the Petraflex system to articulate with unequaled strength and stability. This stability is important on channel bends or curves where angle or wedge mattresses are used. Lateral cable connections between angle mattresses and adjacent mattresses ensure continuous strength throughout the entire revetment system. This unique feature provides the system integrity necessary for maintenance-free long term erosion protection.

Petraflex has been successfully tested by Lakes and reservoirs the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Holding basins U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHW-FD-89-199). The Corps of Engineers has used Petraflex on numerous designs for both channel stability and shoreline stability. Successful wave tank testing was completed in 1983 at Oregon State University. Petraflex installations have been performing successfully since 1980. Testing reports and Corps of Engineers project lists are available from your Petraflex product representative.

Petraflex performs for a variety of erosion control applications

  • Earthen dams
  • Shorelines
  • Pipeline river crossings
  • Local scour
  • Constriction scour
  • Canals
  • Channels
  • Water control structures
  • Spillways
  • Rivers and streams
  • Dikes and levees
  • Boat launch ramps
  • Embankments
  • Lakes and reservoirs
  • Holding basins

Vegetated Petraflex Mats

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