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recommend EQUUSTALL Stable Floor.

"I am using EQUUSTALL in the stalls where my horses are free to come and go at will. I find EQUUSTALL relieves us of constant maintenance required with clay floors, and I like it better than rubber mats."

William McCormick, VMD
Middleburg, Virginia

"The horses have no problems, such as slipperiness, with EQUUSTALL, and it has really helped us with the pawers and diggers. We figure we save 10 hours of labor a week in maintenance."

Scott Bennett, DVM
Simpsonville, Kentucky

"EQUUSTALL is working out real good for me. I have it in my hospital stalls, and it was easy to install even for an amateur. The horses can't dig EQUUSTALL; it's easy to clean; and we use a lot less bedding. I don't think it will ever wear out."

L.A. Schalk, DVM
Cedar Springs, Michigan


EQUUSTALL Stable Floor is a revolutionary molded fiber reinforced polyethylene grid system which can be cut to any size and installed over your present stall surface-concrete, asphalt or dirt-with minimum preparation. Durable and rot-proof, EQUUSTALL withstands blows, cuts and wear from horses, rakes and pitchforks, yet provides flexible, sure footing.


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