Are you plagued with stall floor surfaces that generate a swamp-like condition, are slippery and hard on your horses'legs, and soon form dangerous, unsanitary holes?

Eliminates unsanitary waste collecting holes in your stall floor.

Resilient underfoot and easy on your horses' legs.


Durable, long life, rot proof.

Prevents horses from digging.

Reduces consumption of bedding materials.

Drains well.

Easily and quickly installed.

Compares in cost to other floors.

Virtually maintenance free.

Fits easily into old stalls or new construction.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Traditionally, stall floors have been constructed of stone dust, clay or native soils. Quickly, the surface fosters a sump where liquid wastes collect and depressions appear. If the horse is a stall-walker or a digger, the floor is further destroyed and constant sanitation and maintenance problems occur. To overcome these difficulties, horse people have turned to hard surfacing techniques or rubber mats. Only too soon, they discover the truth of the old cliche where the cure is worse than the disease.

Hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt mixtures lose their drainage capability, become slippery with waste products, are not impervious to horse digging talents, and may damage the animals'legs.

Stall mats are an alternative, but they unveil the drawbacks of high cost, slippery surfaces, and the accumulation of unhealthy decaying refuse underneath the mats.

The EQUUSTALL Stable Floor System is a totally proven concept offering the attributes of the preferred natural floor without he weaknesses of hard surfaces or mats.

Perfect for Old Stalls or New Construction.

EQUUSTALL Stable Floor is a molded fiber reinforced polyethylene grid system which can be cut to any size and installed over the present stall surface with minimum preparation. Locked in place through a patented tongue-in-groove method, EQUUSTALL Stable Floor forms a single unit which eliminates digging by the horse. Durable, fiber reinforced polyethylene withstands blows, cuts and wear from horses, shovels and pitchforks. Yet the perforated blocks drain well and provide flexible, sure footing.

So, whether you're renovating an old barn or building a new stable, once you've tried EQUUSTALL Stable Floor, you'll want it in every stall.

Doug Hannum Equine Sports Therapy and Training Center, Nottingham, PA

For New Barn Construction

Install "The Solution" Before "The Problems" Occur


EQUUSTALL Stable Floor System-proven by thousands of satisfied customers, including Race Tracks, Training Facilities, Breeding Facilities, Veterinarians, Veterinarian Hospitals, Colleges and Universities.

Avoid Problems From the Beginning.

We have thousands of satisfied customers, most of which installed EQUUSTALL to remedy problems that had persisted for years. Problems that were built into their stables from the beginning. Clay or stone-dust floors that consistently needed replacing and were plagued with holes to collect urine. Concrete, asphalt or even wood floors that were slippery, smelly, hard to keep clean, and more importantly, stressful or damaging to horses' legs. Rubber mats which were slippery, and hard to clean, and yes, clean under. And most often, EQUUSTALL has been installed to remedy floors that drained poorly. Problems that were "built-in" because the wrong material was chosen for the stall floor when the stable was originally constructed. Why not eliminate these problems from the beginning with the EQUUSTALL Stable Floor System?


Easy and Fast to Install.

Read the testimonials on the inside page of this brochure. An inexperienced husband and wife team "installed one stall floor a night after dinner." Just think how simply the same EQUUSTALL System will go down for an experienced barn building crew! And what's more important, it will result in a professional, functional, and lasting floor. That can only make happy customers who recommend their builders.


Eliminate Call-Backs.

Just as important to the builder as to the owner, is a costly mistake that makes an unhappy customer. That mistake could be your choice of stable floor. Consider the fact that the stable floor is going to be a daily encounter for the owner or his stable hand as the stalls are cleaned each day. Will the horse be able to dig holes? Will the floor require excessive bedding? Will drainage be a problem? EQUUSTALL is a positive solution to all these problems before they happen. Make EQUUSTALL a part of every barn you build. You can't afford to do anything else.


Cost Effective.

You'll find that while an EQUUSTALL Floor System is competitively priced to other floor systems, it is more cost effective, because it will pay for itself quickly from savings in bedding, savings in labor for cleaning, savings in costly repairs, and finally, savings because of durability. Installed properly, EQUUSTALL is virtually maintenance free and permanent. Customers who have had this system for years say it looks and performs the same as when it was installed.

What's more, the initial material cost of EQUUSTALL will only be a small fraction of the total cost of financing and constructing a new stable. It makes sense to install the correct floor from the beginning. Use EQUUSTALL as a selling feature. Don't leave it to the owner to finish the stall floors, or to correct stall floor problems in years to come. You wouldn't contract to build a new house and not include the linoleum in the kitchen. Likewise, what you offer your customers for their prized horses to stand on is just as important.



Everyone wins with EQUUSTALL. The owner wins, the contractor wins, and most important, the horse wins! And that you can bet on!

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