Years of Proven Performance

The photos below were taken as the very first EQUUSTALL floor system was installed. Even then we were so confident that we had a unique solution to stable floor problems that we offered a 90 day full purchase price satisfaction guarantee. And today, years later, and with thousands of stalls in use by

satisfied customers, we offer a ten year product warranty and have extended the initial Satisfaction Guarantee to 180 days. If you are not satisfied with the product's performance, return it within 180 days and your full purchase price will be refunded. A.C.F., Inc, not responsible for return shipping

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back.



The EQUUSTALL stable floor system is very easy to install.

The following guidelines will assure the most satisfactory results.


1. If EQUUSTALL is being placed over a natural floor (clay, sand, native soils), your first step is to level the surface. If fill is needed for holes, use sand, stone dust or native soils. Then water and tamp the surface.

If you are putting EQUUSTALL over a hard surface (asphalt or concrete), you may want to place a piece of fine screen over the drain, if one exists. Drainage can be improved simply by cracking the present hard surface before laying your EQUUSTALL.


2. EQUUSTALL can be cut to an exact fit with a power saw or even a hand saw. However, EQUUSTALL sections do not need to wedge tightly against the edge of the stall walls. Even with a 1" - 3" space all the way around the sides, horses normally cannot pick up or dig the floor system.


3. Begin laying your EQUUSTALL lengthwise along the front stall wall. Use a 2" x 6" treated board in the doorway as a sill, if necessary. Center the row between the side walls for a minimum of wastage. Lay the EQUUSTALL blocks smooth side with round holes down. Alternate the seams for each succeeding row. A pattern is attached.


4. As you slide the EQUUSTALL together, tongue-in-groove on all four sides, make sure that any foreign material is cleaned out of the grooves for a firm lock. A hammer against a board is useful for tapping the blocks in place.


5. Once the EQUUSTALL system is in place, shovel in approximately 1/2 cubic yard of filler per stall. Use any inorganic free draining material that is nontoxic and readily available. Stone dust and sand work well.


6. Spread the filler with a rake to fill all the squares and tap with the rake to settle the surface. Cover the grid system with just enough filler so that you cannot see the blocks. More is not better. After your EQUUSTALL surface is filled, flooding the surface with water helps remove any voids. The stall will dry promptly.


7. Bed as usual. Lime and air your stalls as needed. If filler material gets low, throw in a couple more shovelsful to cover the EQUUSTALL as before.


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