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"to anyone who wants to run a first class operation", FRANK CHAPOT recommends


"I have been impressed with the EQUUSTALL Stable Floor System. We had no problems with either the installation or preparing the surface.

I feel the drainage is very good and EQUUSTALL makes cleaning the stall much easier. Also, it seems that horses that paw can't make a dent in it.

Please ship me enough for three more stalls In the future, I plan to do the rest of my barn as it becomes practical.

I would be glad to recommend EQUUSTALL to anyone who wants to run a first class operation."

Frank Chapot (above) is a former member of the U.S. Equestrian Team. Currently, he is a judge, course designer and renowned trainer in his field. He is trainer of Gem Twist (at right), a 10 year old thoroughbred gelding, which won the Silver Medal in Show Jumping while being ridden by Greg Best in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. Gem Twist, owned by Michael Golden, is stabled at Chado Farm in Neshanic Station, N.J., the home of Frank Chapot.


"Pirate Lion has EQUUSTALL in his stall, and I'm completely behind the product. I love the fact that the horses don't stand on a dead floor. EQUUSTALL is excellent for their legs. Furthermore, it drains beautifully and in no way deteriorates under use. The maintenance is perfect."







Safe, Practical Flooring

"To put it very simply, I'm tickled with EQUUSTALL. We put the EQUUSTALL Stable Floor in the broodmare and foaling barn, I am very satisfied with its durability. I would be happy to recommend EQUUSTALL to anyone who is looking for good, safe, practical flooring for their stalls."

Tim Thornton, General Manager Airdrie Stud, Inc.
Midway, TX

Other Satisfied Customers

Cuts Bedding Costs

"Since installing the EQUUSTALL floor system we have cut our bedding costs in half and the horses no longer dig in their stalls. The usual smelly, mucky mess found in most stalls isn't in our barn. It takes half the time to clean, and it's so easy."

Lori Anne App, Trainer/Stallion Manager
Fantasy Hills Arabians, Glennville, CA

Great For New Construction

"/ would recommend the product to others. Best to put EQUUSTALL in initially when building-ours .s a new barn with 15 stalls."

Natalie Grigg
Alderbrook Farm, Boxford, MA

Drains Beautifully

"I am delighted with the results. The floor drains beautifully, and is quite easy to clean. / have, in fact, recommended your product enthusiastically to others and have passed on the literature that arrived in the cartons. am considering using EQUUSTALL in the grooming area.

Janis Gray
Shutesbury, MA

Easy To Install

"EQUUSTALL stable floor system has performed exactly as advertised. Installing the floor was not a problem. We read all directions and took one nigh t to just experiment and become familiar with tools needed, patterning the grid, etc. We then did one stall a night after dinner.

Chris Christopherson
Alpena, Ml

For Old or New Barns

"To anyone dissatisfied with their present stall flooring or building a new barn, EQUUSTALL is the only way to go!"

Rachael & Robert Wood
Lambertville, NJ


"EQUUSTALL flooring was installed in six stalls in the new barn attached to our indoor arena when it was constructed three years ago. We have been pleased with its performance, as it as yet shows no signs of wear whatsoever.

The other four barns at the college equestrian center were originally constructed with cement floors, which we have covered with thick rubber mats.

We find EQUUSTALL floors vastly superior in drainage. They lower amount of bedding necessary, offer stability and ease of cleaning. They are most cost-effective in reduced labor for stall cleaning, ease in sanitation and disinfection, reduced use of bedding, and zero need for repairs or replacement of flooring itself. "

Jo-Anne 0. Young, Equestrian Program Director
Houghton College, Houghton, NY

Eliminates Horses Digging

"We were having a problem with our horse who persisted in digging out her stall and shelter with the results that during heavy rains water was flooding low areas of the shelter and soaking her bedding. With EQUUSTALL in place, the floors of the stalls and shelter are level, clean, and this horse can paw all she wants with no adverse effect"

Frank C. Pratt
Applewood Farm, Far Hills, NJ

Durable Therapeutic

"We were having to replace clay floors every year to year-and-a-half due to pawing and wet spots in one location. We have had the EQUUSTALL floors for over two years now and could not be more satisfied. The floors still look like they did when we installed them. Also, an added benefit has been the lack of stiffness in an arthritic 28-year-old thoroughbred since he has been on the EQUUSTALL floor. My event horse has also appreciated the floor."

Terri Lindsey Dressage/Obedience,
Fort Worth, TX

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