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A New Nursery Production Method


For decades nurserymen and growers have been trying to develop a better way to produce nursery and landscape plants with full undistorted roots with a high percentage transplant success rate. Various methods have been tried and tested; however, many of the systems developed have proven to be expensive and very labor intense. There is a multitude of problems associated with producing healthy plants due to the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature (soil erosion, high winds, extreme heat and cold, poor soil conditions, too much or too little water, etc.).

In response to the need for better solutions to conventional growing methods, ACF Environmental introduced the first Cellugro in-ground plan production system. Cellugro is the result of extensive jobsite experience, continued research at major U.S. universities, and ongoing interaction with nurseries throughout the United States. Cellugro is gaining recognition as one of the best methods to increase plant productivity. Plants grow faster and can be produced at a lower cost. Cellugro is the experience-proven, cost effective way to grow more marketable plants at a lower cost.




Product Description


Cellugro is a three-part composite system consisting of a liner, prefabricated drainage system covered with a tough permeable drainage fabric, and multiple HDPE plant growing cells. One 8' x 20' Cellugro unit has 561 6-quart cells, 8" deep. The 561 individual cells within the unit may be divided into 3 quart or 1.5 quart growing cells using Cellugro dividers. A Cellugro unit takes approximately three hours to install and can last up to 30 years with little or no maintenance. Cellugro can be installed in-ground or above -ground (side bermed). Cellugro can be used in areas with poor drainage, high watertable, rocky or other poor soil conditions.

Cellugro solves many of the basic problems experienced by nursery stock growers.

Cellugro Standard Sizes

Size   Number of cells per system
           6qt.   3qt.   1.5qt.
8'x10'     272     544     1088
8'x20'     561    1122     2244
8'x40'    1122    2244     4488



         Cellugro 8' x 20' unit         Cellugro installed above-ground,
               in-ground                          side bermed
         561-6qt. growing cells              No more blown over pots


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