ACF Asphalt Products

The following are the Asphalt products that are distributed and installed by ACF.

Paving Fabric





High Strength Fabric

Atlantic Construction Fabrics, lnc.



Asphalt Overlay Fabric supplied by ACF, Inc.

Installations by LANDSAVER, Inc., an ACF, Inc. division.

If you are a paving contractor, site owner, or municipality that is not presently using asphalt overlay fabric before repaving, let us show you how you can add years of life to your next repaving job. are not pavers, but supply


asphalt overlay and provide installation equipment and expert crews to help you deliver a high quality, longer lasting repaving job without additional employees and capital investment on your part.

  • Over 8 years experience in asphalt overlay fabric installation
  • Expert installation with experienced crews, and the latest, most efficient equipment available.
  • 24 hour service to insure completion of your job on time.
  • Multiple crews to fit your schedule.

  • Millions of yards of asphalt overlay fabric installed for satisfied customers.
  • Ample overlay fabric always in inventory
  • We service the largest or smallest jobs-fabric and/or fabric installation.
  • Engineering Available. - On site recommendations.

Let Us Add Years Of Life To Your Next Repaving Job.

Installing asphalt overlay fabric before repaving can add years to highways, streets, parking lots, airport runways and even tennis courts. Cracking caused by vertical and horizontal movements resulting from moisture penetration, temperature changes and heavy loads can be significantly retarded with the installation of a tack coat and asphalt overlay fabric.

When a new asphalt layer is applied directly to old pavement without an overlay fabric the cracks soon


reappear, producing the cracked pattern of the old pavement beneath-referred to as reflective cracking. Installing asphalt overlay fabric before repaving has proven to be a cost-efficient method of retarding reflective cracking by providing a moisture barrier to reduce moisture penetration to the subgrade, and at the same time reducing the fatigue life of the pavement structure.


Let us quote asphalt overlay fabric under your next repaving job.

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